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Values & Partners


Already committed to working to achieve the Global Sustainable Development Goals, EcoRide are our perfect partners. Their organisation also works to bridge the gender gap and offers inclusive and equal opportunities to the youth in Ghana. We absolutely loved the unique painting that they were able to do on some of the bikes, and this was another massive draw for us to work with them.



Our bikes not only help the planet, but also its people. We’ve teamed up with forward thinking organisations in Ghana, and the UK, who are making a positive difference in their communities. Our strategic partnerships help create sustainable jobs and equal employment opportunities. 


Using only the choicest bamboo, each of our frames is expertly hand crafted and complemented by carefully selected, high-quality components. From the moment you place your order, our talented team work with care and attention to deliver your bike exactly the way you want it.



With Netham Bamboo, you’re not just buying a bike, you’re investing in the planet. Our bikes are only constructed from sustainably-sourced bamboo and our production methods ensure minimal impact on the environment.


  • Design-Build

  • Personalising 


  • Quality Control

  • Safety Control


  • Maintenance

  • Warranty

  • Support



At Netham Bamboo, cycling is a family affair. Co-founded by siblings Andy and Laura, our company’s love of pedal power stretches back to 1920s Bristol, where Great Grandad Eddie built and serviced cycles from his back garden workshop.

Inspired by Eddie, our passion is to support and promote cycling – still one of the greenest and healthiest ways to get around. But we recognise that the resource intensive, high energy processes involved in the manufacture of modern steel, carbon, aluminium and titanium frames generate a hefty carbon footprint. Our search for a sustainable and ethical alternative led us to bamboo – its strength, sustainability and environmental credentials make it the ideal material for eco-friendly bikes.

Combining Andy’s bike wizardry with Laura’s passion for the environment, Netham Bamboo is committed to building a future where cycling is even better for our planet and its people. Working with our partners in Ghana, we offer high-quality, affordable rides that don’t cost the earth.

Free support and aftercare is available courtesy of our partners at Holy Spokes bike workshop in Bristol.

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